Monday, June 18, 2012

The ocean class - sleepy whale

The sleepy whale

I was glad to finish the base of the sleepy whale. Bubbles were added and in each bubble, a girl's picture was posted. This wall is used for encouragement; each time a student does well, the student herself is to add a sparkling sticker in her bubble. The more stickers they have, the more prises they get :)

Saturday, December 10, 2011

Smurfs class - not completed

When I moved to a new kindergarten, the classes were smaller in size. Thus, in my own personal opinion, not a lot of work should be done on the walls or it will appear crowded. I started simple and continued that way. The girls loved the smurfs and were always talking about them and so, I started cutting and creating them on the walls. The class was almost done but I could not go further due to other moving condition in my own personal life. Enjoy!

Jungle class - welcoming door

The lion above the door is a real hat. I stuffed it with papers for it to pomp out. I've written the names of the Arabic teacher and the assistant along with mine below the lion for family reference. The girl is a character in movie the feature "despicable me" which I really loved. She looked great with the animals and that what I was seeking to have :)

I saw this idea on line. I loved it and applied it. It was quite hard for the girls kept moving their faces and I had to keep up with them but it was all done in time thank God

This big board next to the door is used to display the student work of art. I did it in a shape of an old board that one can imagine seeing in a jungle :p

Jungle class - water fall

The water fall:
The water fall was made with almost eight colors. I distinctly made it in the fire extinguisher wall as it holds the same purpose; putting down the fire. It looks good and its meaning made it clearer to my students.

Jungle class - parrot cages

Tow parrot cages
The two boards: word bank and the art board were made in the shape of two cages. The parrots as shown above have left the cages to hold the parchments that have the titles written in them. The inside of the cage was made in black to give the sense of 3D dimension. However, it is clear that the edge of the left cage has a cat hanging there peeking on the birds. This was made for the sense of humor for my kids and it did.

Jungle class - My good hippo

My good hippo:
This is to be applied next year. I have made it ready to show the good and the bad behavior. As it is shown, the hippo is standing between two coconut trees. Each tree is to hold the mark true and false. The true tree will hold pictures of good behavior while the false one will hold pictures of bad behavior. They will also be made with pictures.

Jungle class - shapes

Tow little monkeys cutting down the shapes

In order to go along with the theme, the shapes were made in a paper forms that were cut out by tow little monkeys. The monkeys were made young on purpose because as young creatures, they are also learning.